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Timo Structural CAE based on Wolfram Mathematica

sample imageTIMO Structural is CAE system for framed structures analysis. Current version provides linear static analysis for framing constructions. There is good known that Engineering Society in different regions use common conceptual approaches at solution process of structural mechanics/analysis tasks. But Standards in numerical analysis are varying. Therefore Crippling Effects took not into account. However Timo Structural gives all data like internal functions and appropriate numerical results for this research. Indeed Main Goal of Timo is general most accurate results for farther final conclusions.
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Can I install it on x64 Windows 7 OS?

You can download appropriate version from Download page. TIMO works on Windows platform and perfectly tested on Windows 7 (x64, x86),  and Windows XP SP3. Notice that you will need trial license for start software. Enquire it via e-mail.

Can I install it on

No, TIMO Structural is Microsoft Windows software internally and uses all top advantages of Windows platform software developing. You can place your suggestions within our Community board.

Will it work without Mathematica?

Yes and No. You may create own constructions, manipulate it, save it by usual way or in Samples+ Library and so on. One single thing which is impossible - calculation process.

What configuration is for best perfomance?

Timo is multithreaded software therefore at large amount of rods/spans in framing it preferably to use 2 or more cores PC. In addition modern embedded graphic adapter or discrete video card are good choices for scene manipulation.

Where is better training start?

One from main goals of Timo is absence of any training period. We are hoping that after opening any sample, browsing buttons and mouse manipulations you will start instantly. Timo installation consists of a start guide video also. 

What about trial license?

Feel free to enquire trial license via e-mail and indicate preferable trial period (1, 2 or 3 months).


Timik Online Helper. Silverlight platform

Online Silveright application for Mechanics of Materials tasks analysis in numeric form as well as in symbolic/formulas notation for students, researchers and engineers. You may easy obtain Shear Forces, Bending Moments, Bending Angles and Deflections diagrams and key points values of detected factors and even analytical formulas/symbolic expressions for each factor.
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Will it run on my browser?

Most probably Yes for all modern browsers the answer is. You can take a look at some compatibility table.
Application tested on
  • Mozila Firefox from 19.0 version
  • Internet Explorer from 9.0 version
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (Mac OS)
  • Opera

Error window. Reason?

Almost all browsers save data/applications (Flash, Silverlight) in cache. It means that one time downloaded application will use "old" version of the same application.

As we update Timik often so we recommend to clear browser cache from time to time. In other words we test it in working mode often and you may open/download the version under intensive test.

Can not open in Phone.

As we know there are no mobile platforms with total support of Silverlight applications. So please refer to our Timik for Windows Phone - adaptation of Timik Online Helper application to mobile platform.

Mechanics of Materials Toolbox for Maple

Suite of Maple packages for beam bending, bar tension and torsion bar analysis in numerical and symbolic notations.
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What Maple version is compatible?

Toolbox is compatible with Maple (32 bit) 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 versions only.