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TIMIK online helper

Structural analysis software21.07.2013 Timik Online helper now is free from some bugs. Also it supports russian language now Timik.

TIMO Structural 1.01 comes on

Structural analysis software21.07.2013 With few common graphics and internal factors functions representations bugs fixing Timo Structural 1.01 is available soon.

TIMO Structural 1.0 is available for customers

Structural analysis software13.07.2012 TIMO Structural is available on our products catalogue.

TIMO Structural 1.0 is released

Structural analysis software01.06.2012 Innovative CAE tool in structural analysis is available for customers. Please feel free to inquire download link via e-mail Screenshots

Mechanics of Materials Toolbox for Maple is avalable

Structural analysis software23.02.2012 New generation education tool in mechanics of materials is coming back for our old and new customers. It is necessary only to take a look for understanding it's unique quality and level of mechanics of materials tasks solutions from simplest till most complicated. Plenty of most interesting tasks can not be solved any software in world. Screencasts Screenshots

TIMO is presented on

Structural analysis software03.02.2012 TIMO Structural is presented in catalogue of  

TIMO is presented on MCADCafe

Structural analysis software31.01.2012 TIMO Structural is presented in catalogue of MCADCafe, the Leading MCAD Portal. delivers the latest MCAD industry commentary, news, product reviews, articles, events and resources from a single, convenient point. MCADCafe  

Beam Wiki

Structural analysis software21.01.2012 Beam Wiki started powered Mechanics of Materials Toolbox for Maple. Beam  

Mechanics of Materials Toolbox for Maple coming back

Mechanics of Materials Toolbox for Maple was very popular software among students around the world for mechanics of materials education. It goes back soon in renewed form. All universal knowledge in symbolic and numeric notation about beam bending, rod stretching and torsion Toolbox creates easily.

Mechanics of Materials Toolbox for Maple

...Mechanics of Materials is an ideal companion to Maple for researchers and mechanical or civil engineers who work with applied and structural mechanics and strength of materials... It is also suitable for education and training for at all levels of post-secondary education learning the foundations of structural mechanics and applied mechanics. Desktop Engineering Magazine full article

TIMO Structural Documentation is available online

Structural analysis software06.01.2012 Timo Help Viewer 1.0 build on Microsoft Silverlight technology is available online. Welcome  

Verification task from our Authorized Tester. Results comparison

Structural analysis02.01.2012 General type task from Samples+ library was tested our Authorized Tester. Read details on our forum  

Screencasts are available

Structural analysis27.12.2011 Welcome to screencasts. It is interesting to notice that magic music within video are from Apple Tea - Belarus Jazz Band. Under special permission of Igor Sazevich. Apple Tea on Russian  

TIMO gets 100% Clean Softpedia logo

Structural analysis27.12.2011 TIMO Structural tested by editors from famous software source of  

First independent review

Structural analysis26.12.2011 TIMO Structural gets the first independent assessment from large software catalogue editorial's board of  

TIMO Structural Beta is available

sample image20.12.2011 Gomel. Belarus. TIMO Structural Pre Beta is available for enthusiasts and community evangelists.

The main features are:
•   One calculation act - all analytical dependencies.
•   Fast designing process for structural systems in industry, consulting and design companies;
•   Fastest parametric analysis of construction. New quality of designing in optimization tasks, newest opportunities in designing work, new construction optimized forms detecting;
•   Low cost of industry researching and designing process;
•   Full interactive 3D Interface. Time of study and software learning process is near zero. Very easy to use interface, animation, powerful 3D Graphics and opacity features are virtually place user to building area not to computer desktop;
•   Analyticic character of solutions gives unprecedented technical disciplines study process opportunity (structural mechanics, mechanics of materials).