Timik Online Helper

Online application for Mechanics of Materials tasks solutions for students, researchers and engineers. It runs on Silveright engine from Microsoft and uses top RIA (Rich Internet Application) technologies.

Easy to use

What does mean that Timik is interactive?

  • You models the loading scheme of multispan beam by mouse mainly.
  • You see the model as well as analysis results in the same way as in best familiar handbooks. Reality of applied tasks on screen is top priority for Orlovsoft team.
  • UI Controls are available if they can participate in dialog in current moment. It is no simple rule but part of our development strategy.

Fast and Silent

Why some web sites are slow and processor load is so high?

Such case is concerning powerful laptops often at usual content/application using. Most probably developers are far from users sometimes. Based on quality of Silverlight development tools we are sure that Timik will work  without any noise on your PC. And without braking...


What is technical research in XXI century?

Scientists and engineers at investigation and analysis of most complicated tasks used only numeric capabilities of PC last decades . In other words there were only one way to get something like an answer for technical question.  

But today we can create symbolic generators of scientific discoveries. Timik is simplest start attempt to obtain it.


Where to start

You can start from helper.orlovsoft.com or directly with Beam Bending task analysis application. Also you can discover Timik by short video tutorial. If video is not supported by your browser you may see it directly on YouTube.