TIMO Structural CAE system

Timo Structural is an engineering tool for designing and modeling framing systems in construction, transmission towers, aerospace industry, shipbuilding and total machinery fields. The main differences in compare with existing software are:

  • Natural easy to use 3D interactive interface.
  • Absence of training period.
  • TIMO Structural is build on top advantages of revolutionary WPF technology and based on unique Wolfram Mathematica engine.
  • Scene management is provided by simple clicking on 3D objects and by mouse manipulations.
  • Construction mounting process is presented by animation of beams within 2D or 3D frame.
  • Tasks range is within simple college beam till most complicated frame, steel bridge or transmission tower.
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Alive 3D User Interface

sample image Were you even in real building area? Research in TIMO looks like building erection process naturally. The central part of TIMO Structural is alive 3D User Interface. You add rod to scene by simple click, define or change it position by simple mouse manipulations and finally rods connection is implemented by animation.

Create. Do not train

Structural analysis softwareThe modern conception of software production consists of single main idea. It is concentration on applied task solution not on software details learning. It means that engineer or researcher can think about conclusions based on task results only. You must not ask yourself like What way to do it... Basic training period is 15 minutes.

Analytic approaches

TIMO Structural™ uses Alina Solvers™ based on most robust universal math engine like Wolfram Mathematica www.wolfram.com in multithreaded mode.

Where to start

Feel free to enquire trial version of software via e-mail. Main steps of analysis in Timo Structural you may obtain from video tutorial. If video is not supported by your browser you may see it directly on   YouTube. For detailed explanations we also recommend to browse Help Documentation online version which consists of most current and rich information including tips and tricks.