Mechanics of Materials Toolbox for Maple

Mechanics of Materials for Maple is Toolbox for simulation tasks solution concerning beam bending, rod tension (stretching) and shaft torsion. Below are presented Toolbox characteristics.


Analytic calculations and graphic representations of
• Shearing forces diagrams;
• Bending moments diagrams;
• Angles of bending diagrams;
• Displacements (deflections) diagrams;
• Stretching force diagrams;
• Stretches diagrams;
• Stretching stress and strain diagrams;
• Torsion moments diagrams;
• Torsion angles (full and relative) diagrams.
• Input data as distributed loading as well as shear and elastic modulus, forces and moments can be presented as analytic expressions of general kind;
• Strain energy calculation.

Applications area include:
• Internal factors diagrams animation;
• Optimization in supports and loads location;
• I and II Castigliano theorems demonstration;
• Minimum strain energy principle;
• Distributed loading in form q = q(z);
• Disclosing so-called static indeterminacy;
• Mohr's integrals and so-called unit load method;
• Various boundary conditions, direct and inverse problems;
• Betti-Rayleigh reciprocity theorem and much more…
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Where to start

Feel free to enquire trial version of software via e-mail. Some start point and taste of symbolic power you may obtain from video tutorial. If video is not supported by your browser you may see it directly on YouTube. Detailed explanations of all features as well as numerous of samples are available after MMToolbox installation within Maplesoft Maple environment.